Site & Lab Study

BPC offers detailed Site & Lab Study which allows us to give a guaranteed tailor-made solution specific to the site and client requirements.

Site study is required to check available infrastructure, equipment, instrument and space constraint, so that new retrofit system can be fitted into existing plant with maximum use of available infrastructure, equipment and instruments.

Bacterial Culture

Identification of optimal
treatment process

Pilots for
optimizing process

Initial enrichment

Site Study

Site Study includes following details:

Client information

Incoming effluent details like flow, operational hours and parameters

Current effluent outlet details like flow, operational hours and parameters

Required effluent outlet parameters as per environmental regulating agency

Existing process flow scheme

Existing infrastructure details like size, location and conditions of infrastructure

Existing equipment and instrument details

Current dosing chemical consumption and details

Tentative layout of plant to check available space

Client’s specific need or requirement

Utility available

Sample collection for Lab study

After analyzing the detailed site report and Lab study, BPC provides most economical solutions to client.

Solutions are based on real time sample collection from plant followed by detailed Lab study, so all the solutions provided by BPC to optimize the process are guaranteed solutions.


Lab Study

Sample collection from site
Sample collection from site
Timeline planning
Timeline planning
Preliminary analysis
Preliminary analysis
Isolation of selective/customised bacteria
Isolation of selective/customised bacteria
Lab scale ETP simulation
Lab scale ETP simulation
Interim report to client
Interim report to client
Process finalization with cost optimization
Process finalization with cost optimization
Final lab study report submission
Final lab study report submission
how we do it

Sample collection is done
several times during the study


At the time of site visit


After first stage of lab study


At later stages of the lab study & as required

Lab Study


Preliminary analysis

01. pH

02. Oil & Grease

03. Sulphide

04. BOD

05. COD

06. TOC

07. TSS

08. Phenol

09. CN

10. Ammonia as N

11. TKN

12. P

13. Cr (Hexavalent)

14. Cr (Total)

15. Pb

16. Hg

17. Zn

18. Ni

19. Cu

20. V

21. Benzene

22. Benzo(a)pyrene

Effluent Treatment


Evaluate the need for dosing & other automations, and set the optimized pre-treatment process.

Biological treatment

The biological treatability of effluent. This identifies the biological treatment scheme which will consist of optimal bacteria culture selection and optimized bio process in terms of Type of reactors (anaerobic, ACT, ASP, SBR, MBR, MBBR and combinations), optimized retention time, air system, mixing etc.

Post treatment

Post treatment is the final polishing for the results and assuring the stable outlet.

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